11:30 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • It is the New Leadership
    Hi Mike, I am a long time civil servant. I find this mentality with new executives who have been recruited from the private sector, not from the folks who have come up through the ranks. Kim
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  • Leaders or simply people who are in charge?
    There are practices prevelent in private industry that aren't allowed in government - the FAR, for example, would be viewed as crazyness by a private business; yet it insists on a framework for fair dealing that a government organization must have. But I wonder just how many of the people who concerned Ms Rupert were long time employees versus appointees, or newly hired at high executive positions? Because if you come through the ranks (civilian or military), you understand the culture and the rationale for your work and why it may be slow but it is also likely that you'll fit her description of a leader. (Not 100%, but more likely than not). But those 30 year olds, jumping to SES as their 1st or 2nd job with an agency or appointees who know they will be gone in 2 years and think they can do things their way, they know this isn't a career, just a steping stone to another job and they are simply people in charge. Leadership, though beneficial, is likely optional for these folks. It's not that the government is wasting money or lacking for morals, it's the people selected to provide leadership who are failing to be leaders. They are happy with being the people in charge.
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  • To Puzzled13:
    Since 2000
    Hello. This is Carla and I read your comments. Unfortunately, I am referring to those individuals who have actually come up through the ranks of civil and military service.
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  • Your Daughter?
    Get teh point, the U.S. COngress ,a dn every SESer abusing power should stop and WANT to be a ROle Model...trouble is they all wanna be Like someone else, not your kid's role model. They wanna be like Oprah and have it all. They wanna be like Hollywood and be on TV, they wanna be like noteworthy polticians they heard about in schoo. (and we still teach our kids about to this day) and make a scene on Capitol Hill for the coverage it will get on the News (thinking they will go down in History as THE one who got it done or stopped it or whatever...trouble is they are making names for themselves as being arrogant, self serving, pig headed, stomping in the mud, childish Memebrs of Congress. Where did this come from? (Maybe the indoctrination that "Eveyone's can be a winner!" and "You don't have to take crap from anyone!" And "Don't ever compromise your beliefs honey" This self-absorbed US we live in...unfortunately, it was created by lots of Moms (& Dads) out there...No wonder Capitol Hill and SESers are so unwilling to see their approval rate of 10% the lowest ever, is directly tied to the immaturity and bitterness they exhibit and have now created nationwide! Do what you can to raise YOUR kid to aspire to possess the traits you wish these grown men and women had! You might raise a better generation -- this one is lost!
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  • Have federal leaders forgotten why they joined the ranks?
    Kat O.
    Bravo Carla Jo, thank you for your very astute commentary! Respect is earned, it's not an entitlement, and Federal Employees each take an oath of office they should be held accountable to keep. What we never hear about is how many of the lower level Feds take their jobs (and those oaths) seriously, and do it to the best of their ability every single day. That doesn't make news. There's also a world of difference between the DC scene and the thousands of employees out here in the field, away from DC, from the staff at VA hospitals to the folks who man visitor centers and lookout towers for the Forest Service, and everyone else in between. It hurts our reputations too when people suffering integrity defecit disorder hold high positions and abuse them. It seems that our legislators are determined to save our country on the backs of those same employees, a burden most of us would gladly bear if it really would make a difference. 2 years of frozen pay hasn't seemed to help that much. This year being an election year, a continuing resolution is already in place to prevent a government shutdown. So obvious. We need elected officials who can see beyond party lines, can balance their own checkbooks, who still have common sense, and who are not educated far beyond their intelligence. We need leaders in all branches of government who have gone through the ranks, not hotshotted their way to the top, and who still believe that serving as a government employee, no matter the level, is service to our country, and should be done with honor.
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