11:42 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Let's Be Clear
    Mr. Biggs is not correct in his statement that federal employees receive matching contributions to their 401K (TSP) accounts. I am a CSRS employee and I get no matching contributions.
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  • Biggs is only partially correct.
    The defined-benefit pension system (CSRS) is a good one. The FERS benefit is not strictly defined because of its dependence on investment portfolio performance. However, just because the private sector is not efficient enough to afford such systems does not mean that they are not good and fair. I suggest that the private sector is way behind the times.
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  • Paying for the services
    Aaron Kuperman
    The survey should ask people how much they want to pay for the services. Perhaps they should ask how much they will donate towards such services (such donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions) - and in the past some countries relied on donations for major public projects. Perhaps they should ask if such services would be worth the problems caused by prolonged reliance on "printing money" rather than taxation.
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  • give me a break
    Let's hope our elected officials don't make fiscal policy decisions based on an NTEU survey. I seriously doubt conservatives want higher taxes and more government. I'd love to see how these questions were framed. What a joke!
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  • How about NON vital services?
    A quick check of the list of federal agencies from USA.Gov shows numerous federal agencies that are outdated and duplicitous. Botanic Garden. (privatize it). Bureau of Economic Development. Bureau of Industry and Security. Bureau of International Labor Statistics. Chief Information Officers Council. Community Planning and Development. Council on Environmental Quality (Doesn't the EPA do this?) Defense Acquisition University. Domestic Policy Council. Economic Adjustment Office. Employment and Training Administration (with unemployment at 8-14%, who are they training?) Federal Consulting Group. Government National Mortgage Association. Innovation and Improvement Office. Japan - US Friendship Commission. Multifamily Housing Office. Open World Leadership Center. and on and on.... Yes, we want safe food and for the most part the USDA is doing a fine job. Yes, we want the borders secure. But there has to be some agencies, some where, that can be cut or eliminated.
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