6:19 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Hiring a Vet
    Lisa Lisa
    I do agree that hiring a combat vet has its attributes. But I think the problem is for that combat vet that may have difficulty transcending some crititical factors employers are looking for from what experiences were gained in the field. Leadership is IMO the best attribute. Often military people have lead and supervised 50+ people so that is something great! As mentioned, miltary experience shows that we dont buckle under pressure..in fact do our best work with the S hits the fan. We also tend to be quite loyal. In Fed Gov, when an announcement comes out, vets or anyone coming in for that matter, needs to know how to get that resume and that announcement to sync otherwise it doesnt make the cut and you wont get that interview. I dont think its about a lack of experience for a fed job, I think its a lack of technique in getting your resume to reflect whats in the announcement and also those darn KSA's!. People often create a resume and NEVER change it. You must change up your resume to reflect what the agency is looking for without lying. I have helped scored of people with their resumes to meet fed annoucements and have had a darn good track record at getting them the interview. After that, its on them to sell themselves.
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  • To Lisa Lisa
    What is funny is the government doesn't seem to think that military leadership is worth anything. I worked with a lady who was a Coronel in the reserves (had also done some active duty) and was told she had no management experience???????? No one understood that one.
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  • To Linda
    I can go you one better - When Colin Powell was Secretary of State he decreed that all GS-12 and above attend two weeks of management training, and military leadership courses were not considered an adequate substitute. And he completely missed the irony.
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  • In days of yore, people took CIVIL SERVICE TESTS to get a job with the Government.
    The Original Joe S
    Unfortunately, the poor stupids couldn't pass the test, and it was everybody's fault except the poor stupids themselves. Consequently, the do-gooders hired the poor stupids as temps... for 10+ years until someone complained. THEN they formally eliminated the tests, so that the poor stupids could have an equal opportunity along with the genuinely qualified to obtain a Government position. This is one reason we wound up working for Dilbert's pointy-headed boss in later years. With tests, vets had to prove that they were qualified for a position, and THEN were given the 5 or 10 point edge. It was a fair system, but, the PC dirtbags killed it.
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  • Thank You to All Veterans
    We owe our safety, freedom and way of life to all military personnel. Veterans, including combat veterans, should have every chance to be hired for government positions for which they are qualified.
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  • Why Not?
    I hear about vets coming out of the military after driving large vehicles but don't have a CDL, working as a medic, but not qualifying as a EMT, etc. Many of the jobs in the military are similiar to that in the private sector, but the vets don't have the license or other certificate of training, why not? If military personal take the same training as someone who has a CDL on the private side, the government should make sure they get the CDL for the private sector - immediately qualifying them for a job. Also for the medics (I am not sure what training they get, but it is probably close). If the training isn't exactly the same, then make the small changes to have it qualify. Then less vets would come out to unemployment, the would have licensed job skills at hand.
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  • Air Force pilots
    Taxpayer Too
    The only area I hear where qualified vets are getting hired over anyone else is the airline field. Since airline pilots have to have so many hours of fly time, a person coming out of the U S Air Force is about the only person that qalifies.
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  • Leftovers
    The military simply DUMPS vets at when their time is up. There is no prep or job training pre-ETS, and that is a problem. Many vets come out of the service with no marketable skill. Add to that the FEAR that vets who've served during war time may be psychologically unstable, and employers would much rather NOT see military service listed on a resume. Today's vets are honored, cheered, appreciated... It was NOT always so, and those who came from the military in the 1960's or 1970's soon learned that to mention military service on a resume meant that you would NOT be hired, if you could somehow get an interview. Lots of vets preferred that people didn't know they were vets, because otherwise they'd be subject to discrimination.
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  • Typo in first line, above.
    Forgive the grammar error. Correct wording is "The military simply DUMPS vets when their time is up."
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