12:43 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Retaliation spikes at Annual Evaluations
    Lisa Lisa
    I am a Union Steward. Our annual evals are done at the end of July..so at the end of July-early August as a steward, it is a very busy time for me as employees line up to grieve their evaluations. There have been I would say..10% of evals that were blatantly clear retaliation from the supervisor. Its a shame.Its foolish for supervisors and managers to risk THEIR careers to be anything less that fair and appropriate. All retaliation does is shine light on a shifty supervisor/mgr to the powers that be. Dont these retaliators get it that they highlight themselves to senior management whom may or may not even know your name and because they decide to be retaliatory, that those sr managers only know said supv/mgr in this light? Its not very strategic. It wastes a lot of time and depending the severity of the retaliation, risks lawsuits, public scrutiny and media, and a loss of your job. At the end of the day, those that chose to retaliate will lose and lose big.
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  • in my many many years with feds
    It appears that the senior leaders provide support (or coverup) for these abusers. Afterall, it was the toe-lickers that got promoted to the supervisor ranks, and it is the same brown-nose, toe-the-line without question that are usually micro managers and abusers. They have zero management skills and although they are required to complete certain leadership classes, nothing sinks in to them. Senior employees (such as myself) who try to object or expose get blackballed and shunned. Until the powers to be (congress, white house and enforcement agencies) learn and understand that the whole leadership throughout the agencies are riddled with cronyism, nepotism and favoritism... Friends and familes easily walking up through the ranks are now GS14/15's.. some without any supervision duties... There needs to be oversight and REAL enforcement.
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