2:42 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Sec DEF
    Doesn't this follow the Sec Def's lead flying back and forth from California? What about POTUS? How much is his party reimbursing the Fed Gov's coffers for all the campaigning?
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  • really? (eyeroll)
    Lisa Lisa
    Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you: Idiot Savant
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    Let's see, the SecDef is to train a 4-star on what is "appropriate conduct"? Do I have this right?
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  • Ethics Training?
    I am not in government or military. Even I can figure out that accepting tickets to a show from a defense contractor is not right. As to the issue of the Mrs., the General knew it was illegal, everyone around him knew this was illegal. How this went on for so long is a fair question. As to the issue of training by the Sec. of Defense. If his office has to train any general, one or four star, on ethics, then the standards for promotion need to be examined. Sec. of Defense needs to kick out the clown, and do it quickly and loudly, so that all will know what happens when these violations occur.
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  • AFRICOM General Misconduct
    Hang em High! He is no more than a thief. There is no excuse..........He knew exactly new how he was frauding the government.
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  • Gen Ward
    Norman's Mother
    I'm tired of WTOP deleting my comments before they've even been posted. Ward is a disgrace to the Officer Corps; not that any of his peers are much better. Officers and spouses of all services live it up, while the enlisted are on food stamps, can't afford movies, let alone vacations. With gas at over 4$ a gallon, I don't think many enlisted men are driving their wives to spas for a day of pampering. When enlisted men travel, they're lucky to stay at Motel 6, not some 700+ per night hotel. So what do they do? Give him the old Beltway shuffle by assigning him to "an office" in the Petagon. They've already taken to long (17 months) to investigate this low-life and I'm tired of the military wasting my taxpayer's money. Wrap it up already and quit half-stepping. Do your job, fools.
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  • Prediction
    I predict they will spend hundreds of thousands investigating these violations, and the General will get a slap on the wrist. Just more waste. Put him in jail, or let it be.
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  • Misconduct
    I've seen similar, just not as blatant, misconduct from General Officers my entire career. Anyone look at the expense of moving USAREUR HQ to Wiesbaden from Heidelberg? Just because General Bell got into a dispute with the Mayor. Egos. They all have them. Some are bigger than others. And yes, he'll get a slap on the wrist. Lower grades would lose their retirements.
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