5:04 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Cliff Walking and Nightmares
    The state of affairs in DC is rotten. Yesterday's comments amused me this morning. Can we go back to the dress code? sorry Mike....it's Friday, I've worked hard for my money all week, and I have nightmares thinking about what may happen to my take-home pay, FERS pension, and the Social Security and Medicare that I have been paying for since I was 15.
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  • 50 shades of Mike
    Obviously editor is cracking the whip to keep the topics moving. But seriously, my fear is payless paydays on top of pay cuts (due to a variety of changes) along with higher expenses. Obviously this will hurt lower graded employees more than higer graded, and will beg the question: Why not cut the overhead staff in DC? Answer: Because they haven't gotten rid of ALL the secretaries in real workgroups yet.
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  • Less Per Diem
    When we can't get a hotel at per diem, at least a reasonable one, management can allow Actual. If the per diem continues to be frozen, I can see that happening more often. I have only had to do it once, and I know of one other who had to do it. During the off season we will be ok, as the hotel know government employees tend to stay in the same hotels for business and pleasure (although not always), and we keep them going during slow times of the year. As for the meals per diem, I see more visits to McDonald's or stay in hotels that offer heavy appitizers!
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  • Turning In My Travel Card
    Guess I won't be travelling anymore. It may sound unreasonable but I will not lower my standard of living while travelling. If I don't eat junk food at home, I will not eat it on the road. I don't expect 5 star hotels but I don't do flea bags either.
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  • Hotel Stay
    So I loccate a hotel within per diem, and pay $50 per day for a taxi to take me to where I need to be instead of staying closer for a hotel within per diem. Good Thinking !! We need to vote all the silly old fools out of office and start again with people who know how to budget. Yes some will get hurt but there is a looming dark cloud coming our way, and we can no longer stop it.
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  • CAFed is not exaggerating.
    Jerry A.
    I've seen it. A conference hotel was not approved because the cost was $10 per day too high, no exception allowed, but the extra $40 per day taxi or rental car cost was allowed. The policy is too inflexible and short-sighted.
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