10:37 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Yes .... would love to see a few charts
    How come all these reporters out there in the US never post charts that show how many people worked in each each agency 20-30-40 years ago, and then a chart showing today, AND showing the population growth that has been reliant on the Feds and/or the programs we execute? I' alos like some coverage of how much people paid in taxes, Federal, FICA, etc 20-30-40 years ago AND how little they are paying into them now! I for one don't get why I'm contributing 2% less inot SS for the past 2 years, and then someone like Paul Ryan gets shot up to VP candidate status, someone who wants to do away with SS. Brace yourself--I am 50 (so yes under Paul's 'won;t affect anyone under 55' threshhold) & I WANT to pay my share into Soc.Security so IT IS SOLVENT! It's like if the Congress lowers whant is paid in, they will make SURE it fails, so they can dismember it! As you pointed out, people in the US have no idea where their taxes go, until something they want (bridge inspection, air traffic control, an IRS refund, a Soc.Security check) are missing. The reason for that is the media doesn't report it often enough...but they do cover every rumor that Brad and Angie might wed.....Screwed up isn't it?
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  • Sad Sad Sad
    It is a sad day when a continuing resolution is expected. When was the last time a actual full government budget was passed on time? I can't remember. When does the sequestration go into effect? I thought it was this fiscal year coming up? But if there is a continuing resolution until March 2013, sounds like not. What a mess..............every Member of Congress should be requried to do their own taxes and pay them on time or be booted. That would simplify taxes in a hurry. And to short the IRS funds for education, assistance and enforcement is crazy!................Shorting Social Security payments by 2% has to be paid in the future some time, and there is no money now........Congress is nuts and needs to learn how to balance a budget. Start with the easy stuff like merging agencies to save $1.3 trillion, yes a drop in the bucket, but a start. Cut back on non-necessary expenditures like a war in Afghanistan and the arts. Let people donote money to those causes if they want them. Trying to eat the entire elephant at once doesn't work, eat it one bite at a time! But, get started or it will never happen.
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  • What should be cut back?
    Agree on some parts, but not on others. Our economy was put into a tailspin by the Bush and the Republicans Depression. Balancing the budget will give us a Herbert Hoover show, the Great Depression. The budget should be balanced or show a surplus during prosperity, but not during these economic times.------It also depends on what you want to cut back. The war in Iraq was a sick expensive "joke." I am not so sure about the Afghanistan war. The Taliban started the war by shielding terrorists. Should the Taliban be allowed back into power? What is necessary to one may not be necessary to you. The arts might be an example. How important is culture? It depends on whose ox is getting gored.
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  • Funding
    Here we go again with inactivity by the 535 congressional idiots.Thank goodness about 85% of taxpayers file/pay voluntarily.Some day more taxpayers may refuse to pay but file timely due to congressional inertia.Why file/pay when these 535 idiots ruin our country.If families ran the same way,we'd all be on welfare,food stamps,etc.
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