12:34 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The wrong move.
    I think it is funny that GSA is freezing the per diem rates without reviewing if those rates have gone up in individual areas. As a federal Employee that was on travel for most of last year I can attest that there are many areas that the per diem rates are to low (as well as some that are to high) and when an agency can cut the per diem rate for extended TDY that just compounds that problem. If Agencies want to save on travel they should reduce the amount of travel not reduced the amount of reimbursement to the employee. It is the Agency's responsibility to obsorb the cut not the federal employee's.
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  • Agree, Harry
    I also find it incredibly ironic that the agency that gets to decide to freeze these rates, as Harry points out, at the expense of regular federal employees, is the very agency at the center of incredible controversy and scrutiny over their own outrageous expenditures for travel and parties they held for themselves. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.
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  • They wanted me to go TDY, and eat the difference in costs
    The Original Joe S
    Told them I wouldn't go. Period. THEN they said I could file for the difference. Fine. Then I went. Ain't my job to fund the gubmint.....
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