7:59 am, May 23, 2015

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    Even with attack after attack, attempts to cut your pay and benefits, demeaning your work and value, still some feds will vote for Romney/Ryan.
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  • Feds benefits targeted for good reason? Probably not, but its cash for the politicians
    Honest Broker
    The current FERS system does look good right now, but the commercial side is just on the down swing and will change. Back in the mid 1980s I was an Electronics Engineer for a major contractor and they lost the follow-on contract, so I was out looking for another job when the Government made an offer 25 percent less but with 3 weeks of leave versus 1 week, an retirement payment plan and a 401K like investment program called TSP. During the 1990s and early 2000s, we had a major up tick in the cell phone technology along with DOD so many of my class mates were getting salaries 50 percent higher than mine and getting to do real engineering while I had to write contracts, monitor work and fill out lots of paperwork. Luckily I had a DOD program office that let me build something for them, which was a success and cost a fraction of an outsourced job so they have let me continue my efforts. Because I was dipping into the profits that help pay for political campaigns, it was not well received by Capitol Hill and has been an uphill battle especially after the Bush and Cheney years. With housing fiasco impacting the global bankers, budgets are getting tight. Its a windfall to me, because now I have all kinds of DOD organizations asking for help versus an expensive prime contractor. I have a comfortable salary, but still no where close to my fellow engineers that do have jobs as DOD contractors. We laugh about the discussion about salaries because we compared ours and it turns out we are about dead even if they are smart and invest that pay difference instead of blowing it. Their companies on the other hand are raking it in. I see all these studies that swing both ways, but in reality my fellow engineers and I are about the same. All these politicians want is the future capitol for their pet projects and companies, but at the Government employees expense. I hope the economy gets better soon, so they do not go to these extreme measures or else the Government loses what few good engineers they have and the military will have even less.
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