5:07 am, May 22, 2015

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  • TSA Gallup poll deeply flawed
    Lisa Simeone
    Ha! When almost half (48%) of the respondents admitted they haven't flown AT ALL in the past year, this is a real reliable poll. Yeah.
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  • TSA Propaganda?
    The Gallup poll results show that most Americans think TSA is useless in protecting them. The poll says that 58% found TSA less than effective. Since security effectiveness is their only responsibility how can this be construed as favorable for TSA? Why does the media focus on the “job” data? Gallup said that 54% of Americans “think” TSA does a decent job while 44% don’t think they do a good job, hardly a ringing endorsement. The poll has a 4% margin indicating that Americans are largely divided on whether the screeners are doing a good job or not. It also shows TSA’s PR campaign has been more successful than their workers. Why was it necessary to add the adjective “only”, to the fair performance category when “fair” would have been sufficient? This creates a bias by implying “only” is bad in the question and contaminates the result. So is a plane explodes because of TSA incompetence but America thinks the screeners “do a good job” that makes it okay? Gallup’s data shows that 48% of respondents have not flown in a year or more and are not familiar with the agency or its procedures and 75% seldom if ever fly. Another interpretation of Gallup’s data is that 75% of Americans are non-fliers or rarely use airlines and are unaware of TSA’s poor performance record or just don’t care since it doesn’t affect them. Maybe Gallup will comment on why TSA’s poor effectiveness wasn’t the headline in the press and why the media favorably reported the performance results. And how does anyone explain how only 122 people who flew more than five times in the past year suffice for anyone to conclude that millions of frequent fliers view TSA favorably? It’s funny that the pool came out he same day this comes on the day when two more TSA screeners in Atlanta were indicted for smuggling drugs through security in a FBI sting. Twelve TSA workers have been charged with smuggling contraband in twenty months Media pandering to an incompetent agency that can’t rid itself of criminals is jeopardizing airline safety, not helping it.
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  • TSA Poll Biased
    The Gallup question on TSA job performance was severely flawed and biased. There were two options that gave TSA a clearly favorable rating, Excellent and Good but only one that gave them a clearly unfavorable rating, Poor. The Only Fair category was somewhat neutral and offered a substitute for an unfavorable rating. Essentially the Only Fair rating served as a C minus giving TSA the opportunity to spin the results to their advantage and depriving the respondents of a legitimate fifth, not served by the No Opinion response. This creates the appearance of bias in the polling and leads to questions of motive in structuring this in such imbalanced manner.
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  • 48% think that the TSA is doing a good job.
    Clearly the same 48% who only "feel" safer. Anyone with a pea for a brain knows that the TSA does NOTHING for securing the airlines. NOTHING.
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