10:01 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Looking Bleak!
    Just imagine what is going to happen when the SSA runs completely out of money and then the checks stop abruptly because there is no more money allocated to pay out. Then the real issues and anger will begin! Congress should have "never" been allowed to touch any of the funds in Social Security. People will have paid a lot of money into something they will NEVER be able to draw from. That friends is when the real anger will begin. This is not a question of if but a quest of when.
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  • Bleaker
    Since the pols in DC can't reach agreement on anything (neither side seems to budge) then your option is the only one left. Seems like both sides figure that works to their advantage. Don't think it works to my advantage.
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  • No Cal Buyout?
    Not a prayer of me accepting a buyout without an incentive. Feds who opt for an early out already take a double penalty for retiring early AND with fewer years of service.
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  • Signs of Dementia
    It absolutely amazes how voters tradionally forget all this come November.
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  • Old News
    Retired SSA
    This is a non-story. Absolutely nothing new here. SSA has for many years been offering early-outs to its employees with never any buyouts.
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  • IRS and SSA going down together along with our benefits
    Honest Broker
    I read an earlier article that IRS may be facing downsizing too, which helps business but reduces revenue to pay SS checks. A lot of businesses rely on those people getting checks, so there will be some push back on the politicians. Hope I can keep my retirement supplement.
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