11:40 am, May 24, 2015

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  • sadly
    Sadly, the people (OPM) who are to find solutions to the problems related to hiring policies, are the problem. Never in my life have I noted so much job related incompetence, and callousness toward federal employees.
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  • Staff shortages
    I don't see changes in ratings/bonus system as the main problem that needs to be fixed with the GS system. For now, experienced people are not leaving or retiring that quickly. That would be an indicator that the incentive system is out of whack. If there are shortages in certain types of employees then that would show that compensation/bonus/benefits are not enough to entice people to work. The tricky part is that sometimes shortages can be covered up by dropping standards. Right now, I haven't heard of that. When the long-predicted tidal wave of retirements hit then we will see whether we have a problem.
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  • Change
    Yes I do agree the system is broken. I would also like to see the end of the "who you know" and pre-select hiring. In many agencies you only need to read the first few lines of the qualifications and right away you can tell that the job is a pre-select, most likely from either within the agency or by the "who you know" factor. Also, I would like to see agencies be "forced" to provide a full disclosure on why an individual was not selected. This business of getting a vanilla wrapper message that you was not selected does not cut it. This would hold agencies accountable for their hiring practices.
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  • Wrong
    Actually YOU are actually whats wrong with the system. In the private sector, if a company wants to hire someone, they hire them. I the Fed, you have to jump through these stupid hoops like you describe, like posting a job description tailor made for that particular person. What a joke, just hire who you want to hire the person you want to hire like the rest of the world. Also, many people in the private sector would love to swap their pay scale for the Federal one, especially when adjusted for this locale. Im not saying I would, because I am in the hated top 1%, but about half of my office is being paid about 70% of what they would make in a comparable federal job. And our benefits pale in comparison.
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  • Many people would swap? I don't think so
    Just me
    FrankJr, my agency recently tried to backfill two positions. Of the, approximately, one hunred thirty-thirty two people who applied, only eight were qualified. Of the eight who qualified, and were interviewed, three had overinflated/overstated their qualifications. We then went through the remaining applicants and here's what transpired: The most highly rated candidates (two of them) declined the jobs because they didn't pay enough. When the jobs were then offered (sequentially) to the next tier candidates, each one declined the job because the hours were too long (ten hour days) and the potential for night, weekend, holiday, and emergency response (yeah, we're one of those agencies that stays open) was non-negotiable. We will probably be re-announcing the positions in October, IF we are allowed to do so.
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  • It's all about choices
    Look...if you want federal pay/benefits etc., then you do what people who work for the fed did...you apply for and get a federal job. If you want the pay/benefits from a job in the private sector, then that's a choice you make. Nobody twisted anybody's arm to make those choices, and that's what it IS about....choices. Some of us chose YEARS ago to make the federal government a career, so don't get all ticked off at me because YOU chose to go down a different path. I'm sorry you don't like the choice you made, but YOU made the decision to work in the private sector. You can always look for a federal job....then whine about that, which I'm sure you would.
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