3:19 am, May 23, 2015

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    Raise my taxes. Yes you read that right: Raise my taxes! I will pay more to prevent the gutting of essential services by our invaluable civil servants upon whom we all depend. And we should consider raising the tax rate for the 1%-ers as well. Why not? They already have 45% of the nation's wealth, more than they could ever need. And don't anybody start with that predictable and ridiculous response to just send the money in if I feel that way. It only works if all Americans are involved.
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  • typical ignorant American
    You have no idea how much of a percentage is unnecessary. Recent spending scandals are just a glimpse. Idiots like you suggest to continue to dump money into a huge pit that very little is justifiable spending or is scrutinized spending. One simple example; $15,000.00 round trip tickets to Australia. Yes $15,000.00! Do you still agree to continue to dump more money into the system when you have these kinds of ridiculous spenditures? Again, the ignorance of the common American is amazing. The seeming response to everything as a solution is "throw more money into it".
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  • Wow. You are calling someone igorant?
    Read your own post. It has nothing to do with the article. To understand what ignorant truly is, I suggest you look in the mirror. I'd advise you to change your name, OSLOFED. Not too hard to understand your message by choosing such a name. And we can certainly predict you are indeed a citizen of the USA. Good day sir!
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  • I retired almost 5 years ago
    The Original Joe S
    before they started shafting people on retirement to a great extent. They already tax our already-taxed money, dirtbags. I've collected a nice amount of money, and it's indexed for inflation. Comes in every first of the month. I served my 30 year sentence in the PC prison, and now I'm FREE! They offer buyouts without money? That's like when they offered us 2 opportunities to scroo ourselves by joining the Jimmy Peanut UP YER NOSE FERS fiasco. Stayed CSRS, and good thing.
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  • Take Joe S' advice
    Norman's Mother
    and run, don't walk, to the exits. They're trying to tell you something and I got the same message at DoD. If you're 50+ they don't want you anymore. In my DoD agency, I was more than happy to leave mandatory deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan to the 20-somethings. Let them deal with the IEDs, camel dung, MREs and baby wipe "showers." I'd rather be at the spa or in a hot tub. I'm a civilian and didn't sign up to be GI Jane. I, like Joe, look forward to that check every month. I no longer have to deal with Federal agents nosing around in my business, lazy, useless male co-workers and incompetent military supervisors. I didn't get 25,000 when I retired, but preserving my mental and physical health trumped money. Get out...you won't regret it.
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  • Soon to Retire-Yippee
    Mack's a Grandma
    I think I will be getting off the SSA worker train real soon. The place is absolutely brutal in comparison to when I started there 18 years ago. I will have 25 years of government service, 7 with another agency. I am finally eligible for this early-out. I really feel sorry for the customers that come in and file with the new people, who no one has time to properly train. I started so long ago that my supervisor was my mentor, and actually trained me how to do the job. Now management is placed on a pedestal and at least in my office anyway, have no idea how to be technicians anymore. It would have been nice to have a buy-out since I could have used that to pay for my daughter's first year of college. But I will make do. I will sell my home in a ridiculously overpriced market and move to a much bigger house that will be at least 200k less, and pay her college with that. Anyway these last six weeks of work means I will have a lot of sick leave left, and I really hate basically forfeiting that, but my sanity is worth the early out.
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