7:50 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • jeeesh what a WASTE
    of tax payer money... I mean really with all the DoD cut backs they want to spend 7 billion on "green" programs? Come on. This "green" thing has got to be the biggest scam going. How many years to re-coup that 7 billion? 10...15?
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  • the only thing wasted here is your comment, JHunt
    Jerry A.
    Why are you insulting the Army and Defense Dept.? The DoD has written many papers on current and future energy sources. Our dependence on old systems that fail to provide peak power is a national security risk. Try reading and understanding the article. The Army committed to buying _energy_ to run their bases, which they are doing anyway. Private companies will build and pay for the new power plants. Current suppliers are becoming unreliable as the energy grid ages. The Army can't afford to risk a base shutting down in an emergency, just when the base is needed most.
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