11:03 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Well, well, well
    Hey Congress. Look at us "Regular" employees. Seems we get the lesser of Agency contributions for all groups listed. Yet those elected to Congress get substantially more than regular feds and you continually want to rake us over the coals and ask us to pay more? Incredible. Scary.
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  • wow look at what new congress members pay
    Everyone look at the chart in the Congress section. Lets add together, shall we :-). Lets see, current Congress pays 1.3% towards retirement, new voted in Congress after 12-30-2012 3.1%. So lets break it down 3.1% - 1.3%= 1.8%... Wow that's not the 2.3% hike that every other new government employee pays is it... Congress should have to pay 3.6% (1.3% + 2.3% = 3.6%). Looks like federal employees are paying for their over spending and they are not paying the same piece of the pie we are... What else is new Congress!
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