12:01 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Loophole seekers
    Lisa Lisa
    There will always be loophole seekers. We were attempting to award a 5 yr contract to for an IDIQ using 3 8A qualified companies. You know what I found surprising? Big construction companies throwing their hat in the ring..thats who. We awarded to 3 8A and happy to say that they were all what I would consider to be true 8A companies. How is it that big companies can get away with calling themselves 8A contractors is a mystery to me..and I am darn sure it was a loophole.
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    The law that enforces all work to go to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business has many flaws. I still believe that they should be verified this should not go away. Too often there are vendors who go into business with a SDVOSB and they call the shots. They only come together to try and get the contract. On maintenance contracts or other types of contracts vendors often sub contract their work, tell me how is the veteran doing 51% or 100% of the work. The law itself is good but needs changes. Isn't that we pay the Congress to do and other govenment workers to create the law and make sure that there are no loop holes. The majority of the vendors are doing a good job. I prefer the method of under $100,000 goes to small business and anything that threshold goes to SDVOSB. Lost of people are having problems finding jobs and the SDVOSB is no exception. Why should they get jobs just because they are SDVOSB, to fair compeition everyone should be allowed to participate we should not restriciting solicitation to just SDVOSB.
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  • Rep. Johnson and DVA owned businesses
    All I can say is thank you Chairman Johnson! It is about time that Congress stepped in and reigned in the heavy handed and onerous regulations promulgated by DVA bureaucrats. The current system is burdensome, time consuming and an impediment to doing business with the Federal government. It seems appropriate to ask the DVA, "What are the qualifications of the bureaucrats making the decisions about the qualifications of Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Enterprises? Do the people handling the cases have MBAs and business backgrounds. If they don't, then as far as I'm concerned, they have no business nosing around in a company's taxes and other documents. Oh, another question, "How is the DVA safeguarding all the proprietary documents that have been submitted to them?
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