11:31 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Wait! What?
    FERS Fed
    Mike Causey's Federal, State and Local Report?
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  • I enjoyed it.
    Professors making $300-400K per year? College Presidents making $1M per year? That's on top of every benefit known to humans? We have met the enemy folks. Pogo was right. Don't forget these are the same universities that use our tax dollars to get patents in their name from research done on Campus. Nice income streams there. How else can they afford those conferences in Switzerland or Hong Kong? World-wide travel is the right of the corporate and academic pillagers. They make GSA look like pikers.
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  • "Professors making $300-400K per year?"
    FERS Fed
    Who would you rather have educating college students? Low bidder on a contract? Someone being paid miminum wage? As long as we're tossing around folksy maxims, remember this one -- you get what you pay for.
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  • But Wait
    It's okay to pay government workers low wages but not college professors? What difference does it make if they are educated by highly paid teachers but get a job paying minimum wage, ie. GS-5/7 when they graduate? I'm confused.
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  • "I'm confused"?
    FERS Fed
    Where does the post say "It's okay to pay government workers low wages..."? What difference does it make where college grads start? It's where they finish and, more importantly, what they accomplish along the way that matters -- something a well-compensated professor may inspire better than a graduate assistant working for a stipend. And GS-5/7s make a little more than minimum wage.
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  • professors making big bucks?
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    Probably the administrators. Certainly not the part time instructors with no benefits. The highly-paid administrators is partly why the education debt is so large.
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  • Figures Lie and Liars Figure
    It is all in how you do the math. When they talk about the huge average salaries of state employees, take out the Coaches, Doctors, Lawyers, etc., then average average wage for the average worker. Not that some are not over paid, but it is not as high as the average due to the huge salaries football coaches and basketball coarch are paid. But, on the other hand, most of those programs bring extra money into the universities. If they can pay for themselves, I have no issue with it.
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  • To Linda
    Your comments make the most sense. The star profs etc. make the big bucks because of their names, ability to generate money for the university or get potential star players (football) etc. I can tell you that state auditors in Pa do not make near what I make and I am far from the top. Of course their jobs might be much less complex. I think Mike was way out of line to emphasize the few state workers who make the big bucks.
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  • Babe Ruth said it best
    In 1930, Babe Ruth earned $80,000. President Hoover earned $75,000. Babe was asked if it was fair for a baseball player to earn more than the president. Babe replied, "I know. But I had a better year."
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  • Comment - Want Big Government Bucks ... Become a Coach or Professor!
    Wish our patriotic citizenry would think first before blog/tweet/face-blah-ing. Everyone is worried about the Big Gun's salary and the "Oh my gosh - that much?" wow factor. Try the other end of the scale. A new hired student, BS degree starting as a GS-5 Step-1 for $16.33/hour, lucky to have it with top honors in their class. (That's a lot of dough & effort). There are legit concerns about the present, but our future workforce quality concerns me the most! I had my shot, but what about who carries on in public service. We can't forget the emerging quality workforce issue - the elephant in the room. If we need to pay the Big Gun as incentive - are public servants any different? I've noticed we pay for what we get! -Retiring-
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  • GS-5
    What is wrong with a GS-5 coming out of college? That is where I started (abt $15,000 a year - now it is $31,000). I had a BA not a BS, but also knew my degree wasn't real marketable, but unemployment was 11.5%, so I got a job, any job. After I got a job and worked a few years I went back to school and got a CPA......................Every college student isn't starting out earning the big bucks. Only a few professions with a shortages start with high salaries, and then after a few years they make the same as someone coming on board with no experience. For example, Engineers, Pharmacists, and and I sure some others. They start fairly high, but experience doesn't get them more money, shortages of qualified employees does. I started as a GS-5 and am now a GS-13. ..........I don't understand why these kids think they will graduate with a $100,000 a year job with a degree in English Literature. For the most part get real, or if they want that kind of money, get the right degree. By the way, a Pharmacists goes to college for 6 years (if they get out on time), not 4.
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  • Unrealist Expectations
    In 1974, as I started my career as an auditor with the Army as a GS-5, step 7 (shortage of auditors caused the step increase) at $9,700. Now, for Atlanta, that's $39,264 -- not great, but not bad. Rose from GS-7, to GS-9, to GS-11 annually. Ended my career as a GS 13, step 10 at $108,102. With one of the large audit firms, I might have made more, but would have worked much more than 40 hours a week. Doubtful I woukd have been able to live and work in England, Germany, France, South Korea and Japan. Also, Iraq and Kuwait -- can't just go to the nice places when you work for the Army.
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