4:31 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • TSA-AFGE contract
    Details are obviously not available as yet, but it is to be hoped that the new contract will not impede the recently renewed commitment of TSA to implement a true zero tolerance approach to proven serious TSA screener misconduct, including immediate removal of identified miscreants. If public confidence in TSA, already seriously frayed by many well-publicized instances of boneheaded stupidity and insensitvity in the screening process and by an increasing number of publicized cases of criminal activity by TSA screeners, is not to be further decreased, the new contract had best not include the usual negotiated procedures through which Federal employee unions shield and protect bad apples from condign punishment. If, however, this same "business as usual" approach seen in bargaining unit agreements in place in other Federal agencies unfortunately prevails in the new contract, expect to see a push for widened privatization of the screening process by more airports across the nation.
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  • Another Unionized Public Union?
    Another Government entity ready to spiral further out of fiscal control. Haven't we already had enough of unions in the Government?
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