8:05 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Books
    Not seeing how "Atlas" and "Grey" are interchangeable, but not my call. If they really cared, why not put a shelf of books in the lobby?
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  • Books
    Personally, I think putting Shades of Grey in the room instead of the Bible is funny. If the book is read while there, could shake up a few relationships! And I have seen a number of hotels have a book case in the lobby. Books that are left are put there for people to borrow.
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  • Was 2011 The Good Old Days???
    The "Good Old Days" were when our TSP accounts were stable and actually made money.
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  • 50 shades of gray...
    I thought 50 shades of gray referred to my secretaries complexion.
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  • Maybe its time bail if you can?
    Honest Broker
    There are many bills targeting the Govt employee to pay for new stimulus (pork) projects (nope, none for paying down our existing debts). How about increasing our .8 percent annuity contribution to 5.0 percent? How about killing the supplement payment ($13K to $14K/year) until 62 and push social security to 70? How about reducing our annuity payment of 1 percent per service year down to only .7 percent? How about those negative returns on your TSP investments? With the November elections looming, I'm curious what an outgoing disgruntled group of politicians could do to the benefits. The new group has 2 years until the next election and if the House, Senate and President go all Republican, I think the Govt benefits are a prime target to pay back those Super PAC IOUs and take a good chunk out of the sequestration budget. Since I have 32 years, I chickened out and decided to bail this year and pray they don't go after those already receiving a retirement check. My departure does make one opening for a young new employee to occupy and hope Washington doesn't take that away from them. It may be time to bail if you can.
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  • columns
    So, Mike, I've had a pretty slow Friday afternoon with so many headed for the beach. Decided to catch up on your old columns and it passed the time pretty quickly. Enjoyed the little pick-me-up! Doll
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