4:09 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Once again
    JR Samples
    Congress fails to do its job. Members of Congress should have one payday a year - October 1. If the complete budget is in place, Congress gets paid. If the complete budget is not in place, Congress does not get paid.
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  • Is there a bus coming?
    SGT Pepper
    I feel we're about to get thrown under it, again.
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  • Please dont equate fed workers: "Govt" with the defunct Congress" "Govt:"
    Lisa Lisa
    This really REALLY chaps me. GOP spends entirely too much time slamming federal workers. We are "overpaid". Federal workers get their missions done..and on time. Congress on the other hand feels its OK for them to take extended vacays at a time when they should be preparing FY13 budgets. You dont see many fed workers taking a month off let alone taking a month off when they know they have an important deadline to meet. Its going to play out like it does every stinkin year: CRs until April. But its ok for Congress to shuffle things down the road but its hell and fury when it comes to what federal workers on a whole do? These stop gaps and CRs cripple federal work. We cant issue any contracts for needed repairs. Once we get a budget, then we have to scramble to get things moving and awarded and all at the same time since much work has to sit on the back burner until we get a real budget passed. Its bad enough we have to do more with less, and when they dont pass a budge on time, the more with less people also have to do it all at the same time because we arent able to staggard projects over a full year-they all come at the same time. Just absolutely disgusted and embarassed by our "democracy".
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  • Reform Congress
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    Congress, how about giving us 2 yr budgets???? Talk about waste in government, agencies and staff put so much energy into budgets every year. A 2-yr budget would save so much time and energy and money. Agencies could plan with a designated amount. No more spend everything at the end of the year as you could carry it over to the 2nd yr. Representatives are elected for a 2 yr term. This would give them 1 shot at the budget process per term. Maybe they would take their time and do it right and God forbid, on-time! This simple concept would probably alone save billions over the course of 10 yrs and make for a happier workforce.
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