4:20 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Which citizen owes $300 Billion?
    So then, we have a citizen or two that owe(s) the IRS $300 BILLION in back taxes? Well now, why is it that the government allows this to go on? Identify the deadbeats and lets pay them a visit. If they're working and bringing in a paycheck (or sitting back and collecting taxable dividend or other income), then they are supposed to pay their share, right? Why does the Govt go after the LITTLE GUY who can't quite meet a full tax year's obligation of a few hundred bucks and therefore has to pay in installments, but allows the BIG GUYS to sit on $300 BILLION without paying? I'd like to know why, and I'm sure that the rest of the tax paying public would like to know, as well!
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  • Tax Gap
    The reference to the $300 billion is to the "tax gap", that being the difference between what is reported and paid on tax returns and what is supposed be reported and paid each year. This includes people who are required to file a tax return but don't, and people who underreport their taxable income. If the American people want this collected, then the IRS needs a much bigger budget to hire thousands more auditors and collectors.
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