6:16 am, May 26, 2015

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  • USPS should be disbanded or made into a private company
    Everything I get in the mail is junk mail. USPS is just a cheap sales rep for companies. Why spend billions now and for the future when we already know whats going to happen in 10 years..
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  • For you maybe?
    35% of senior citizens are not on the internet. 25% of rural America cannot get on the internet. USPS competitors will not do what the PO does now and they have stated so themselves. Why is Congress requiring the PO to do something no other agency does? Because they use the PO for a cash cow and have been for decades. With the almost depression occurring over the last 5 years and the PO fighting off just to stay open, why charge them for "FUTURE" retiree health care. Some of those FUTURE employees (if it survives) aren't even born yet? There is over $35 billion paid in already! Besides, the way the GAO scores the overpayment of pensions (cash cow) by the PO, they state that the $50 billion overpayment does not exist. That's money the PO could use to stay in business and it's their own $$$. Talk about getting up to date on how the world works, there is one agency (GAO) that needs to get it together in their method to score dollars in the federal coffers. AH, but to privatize the PO is the goal for the Republiathugs. Can you see it now, $16 to send a birthday card to Mother, or your grandchild. How about those wedding invitations and replys? Your junk is someone elses treasure and the post office is dying because of Congress' dirty hands in the till.
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  • A way out for the USPS
    I cannot imagine a bigger horror than a letter not getting where it is supposed to go. Or that if I put a check into the mail some one will steel it. That is what the USPS has made clear that this is a big no no. Well why not do this for email. Maybe this has already been thought about but seriously if congress passes a law that states that if you mess with email sent by USPS servers then you are in deep trouble. Now you might imagine how this might be accomplished. Well we have encryption options where servers that desire to be part of the system will need to get a certified encryption key from the USPS. Once this is done then this server is allowed to receive and send mail through its servers. On the other hand the server receiving the email must be part of the system as well. Now people may cry foul but do we not all have a mail box of some sort. A place that is distiguishably stating for USPS use only. Same idea. Now we should always have a way to send hard copy mail when needed but this new route is something to look into. My previous suggestion was for the business side. For the consumer side the USPS should have servers that consumers can log into that will receive mail from those that are certified from the USPS thus giving a much better assurance that it is not garbage and laden with malicious intent. The consumer may opt like in hard copy mail to try to eliminate junk mail to those accounts. Now there are other details I have been thinking of to stitch this all together I do not want to write ten pages for this comment but I hope the idea or premise is clear and makes sense.
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  • Not Suprising
    When I heard the stories of high school educated USPS employees given million dollar estates when they were relocated, and retiring to 6 figure pensions, I knew this type of story was soon to follow. Seriously, these people are not doctors and lawyers, they dont deserve to be compensated as such.
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  • What is yoursource?
    I would venture to guess that you listen/watch FOX and Ditto Head to believe BS like that. It's top level manglement that only has situations that MAY occur, IF they ever happened to begin with, and none of those buzzards have that minimal education you reference.
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