5:02 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Business as usual - more of the same for Hispanics......
    EEOC or OPM can if they wanted to, could take a more innovative approach to promote the employment of Hispanics IF they wanted to. Then again, if both EEOC and OPM lack the technical competencies for promoting the employment of the best qualified which includes Hispanics (MSPB studies report Hispanic citizens are as qualified as any other applicants - they just are NOT being hired)we will continue to repeat the past, more promises, more reports, more analyses, more.... There is a far easier, faster, more efficient and effective approach to resolve the decades-long barrier to hiring qualified Hispanics. It does NOT involve any new laws or quotas - it is basic staffing. Recruitment is NOT THE PROBLEM - actually recruitment was NEVER the problem to begin with. At the Interior for example they had 28 Presidential Interns but NOT ONE of them was a Hispanic or an African American - why? Available hiring data reflects 90 to 100 percent of noncompetitive hires are White - why? In the Fresno Valley in California we see high numbers and percentages of Hispanics in highly skilled blue collar jobs in the private sector while across the same street federal employees performing in identical positions reported NO (absolutely NONE)Hispanics in these positions - why? Frankly, Hispanics were better off when the OPM administered the AEP programs that were transferred to the EEOC in 1979(see the CSRA). After 43 years it is time to transfer the AEP function away from the EEOC or at least transfer the under performing Hispanic and Persons With Disabilities programs back to the OPM! Folks, increasing the number of qualified Hispanics is not rocket science. Yet many at my presentations ask why neither the EEOC, OPM or other federal agencies find it so difficult to hire Hispanics. Much of has to do with indifference toward Hispanics by both HR offices and hiring officials. Interior like other agencies send scores of (mostly white)recruiters to conferences in San Antonio, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Florida even to Puerto Rico all at government expense yet these same agencies report they have NEVER hired anyone from these conferences! I think it't time to stop repeating what obviously HAS NOT WORKED for over 43 years and focus on more effective approaches. I have suggested a couple of needed changes (and I have more) which the EEOC will not agree to leaving it to Senator Coburn and Republican associates to include reorganizing the EEOC and transferring under performing AEP programs away from the EEOC at the time they take up legislation to reorganize under performing programs at the OPM. Unless and until material changes are made as I suggest it will be business as usual - more of the same continuing under representation of highly-qualified Hispanic citizens many of whom are veteran preference eligibles and disabled veterans.
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  • Could it be because they are not as well educated or as smart?
    The Original Joe S
    This certainly was the case where I worked until I finished my 30 year sentence and escaped. The reverse-discrimination programs put marginally worthless people in positions of authority. We had to work in spite of their uselessness. They, of course, got the raises. Breaks my heart when someone bleats about how minorities aren't given preferential treatment. How about everyone compete equally and be selected according to merit? No one living today is responsible for what happened to ancestors of people years ago. It's time to stop punishing people for things they didn't do. Two wrongs don't make a right. Maybe the Hispanics have figured out that working for the government these days is not what it used to be, and are avoiding the government as they would the plague? I certainly wouldn't choose government service today.
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