1:57 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Funny how people forget
    Just me
    I started as a GS-5, about twenty-five years ago. It took me about twenty years to reach GS-13. During that time I had friends and family who had much more than I did. They all took expensive vacations, bought huge homes (something I can't afford, even to this day) and quietly laughed at the "chump" working for the feds. Sure, there were brief flickers of concern, after Oklahoma City and 9/11...but mostly they were quite happy to have me earn a lot less than they did. Now, however, with the economy in the tank they all want to tell me how "good" I've got it, and how I should take a pay cut because they are all (now) earning less. I understand that everyone should "do their part" but I cannot help but wonder why this didn't apply when the proverbial shoe was on the other foot.
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  • Very True!
    Big Joe
    I remember in 1994 when a buddy and I both got our GS8. He left a few months later and went to the private sector working for a dot com and started receiving tons of stock options while I got a small cash award here and there. He cashed out before the stock market bust and is still sitting on many millions of $$$ while I just got my 14. I envy him a little as I have 18 years in the Fed and every day is a new attack on my benefits, my salary, or my position. He's working "to keep his hand in the game", whatever that means.... We remain friends because he recognized that I kept job security for what could have been a very lurative career and I respect that he took a chance and was insightful enough to save what he made and cash out instead of going for greed.
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  • Rodney Dangerfield
    SGT Pepper
    Going from mid sized CPA firm to the Feds, I was mocked by many of my peers for making that move. "You'll be underpaid" they said, and "you won't be doing real accounting work". Years later, after making the move and with some of my former peers suffering job losses in the bad economy, their perspective changed, but only some of them. Those who escaped the down turn have gone on to make $150,000 or better and they still feel I'm underpaid and not doing real accounting work. The ones who got hit by the economy now feel I'm overpaid, and barely work at all for my salary. Not long ago it occurred to me that each group of former peers have one thing in common when it comes to how they view my work as a Fed. Neither has any respect for what I do regardless of how they, or the economy are doing.
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  • Fed reality
    Doctor's offices know how poorly fed insurance benefits compare to private sector too. Just ask the medical billing person in your dentist, vision or general practioner's offices. What I really want is Bain Capital's 401k plan.
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  • Amen
    When I gave my insurance card to the billing person at my dentist's office, she said "you can put that away." The benefits are so bad that I qualified for the discount they give uninsured patients.
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  • So true
    All three post are so true. When times are bad for the public sector how dare we feds still have a job with benefits etc, and when times are good for them and we got priced out of housing etc because our salary did not keep up, well you picked what you are doing. Anyway I am retired and loving it. Just like the ant that saved for the winter and the grass hopper who had nothing.
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