3:20 am, May 23, 2015

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  • So true
    All three post are so true. When times are bad for the public sector how dare we feds still have a job with benefits etc, and when times are good for them and we got priced out of housing etc because our salary did not keep up, well you picked what you are doing. Anyway I am retired and loving it. Just like the ant that saved for the winter and the grass hopper who had nothing.
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  • Confidential to Jerry who thinks DC is looking out for consumers
    Jerry: You used a lot of words and gave me zero examples of what anybody in DC has done to look out for consumers. It's like all those class action lawsuit notices I get: Lawyers are getting millions while I get a check for a buck, or more typically nothing at all. It's all Orwellian now, there may be a CFPB but they're doing nothing for us consumers. Fix some of these things and I'll believe you: Clamshell packaging, Hospital fees published on their websites, less progressive tax rates, garbage fees on my auto insurance bill, repeal ACA which is full of cost increases, utility fees published on web site (especially natural gas now that we can pick providers), less tax complexity (especially with all the education hoops), Colleges that publish graduation rates with starting salaries by major (so I can talk my kids out of BS majors), the list is literally endless, but please start somewhere.
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  • Good points Contrarian
    I think you can find out the BS majors like history and English. I even talked a son out of marketing into accounting. One can do marketing with an accounting degree, but one cannot do accounting with a marketing degree. Good points about lawyers. I remember the lawsuit against, I believe, GM when lawyers got millions and consumers got coupons. The lawyers should have been paid in coupons. We agree to disagree about tax rates.
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