4:43 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Two interesting details
    As other readers have likely pointed out: 1) At 0:59 the video shows the clear posting at the entrance to the office building forbidding law abiding citizens from carrying weapons. Bravo to Houston for not completely ignoring this issue in the video: "gun-free zones" are safe-havens for malevolent criminals. 2) People in uniform (God bless them) will often be the first target. The malevolent criminal will seek to neutralize their immediate "threat" -- which is why police and security officers should not be the only ones armed in public places. The secondary long-term benefit of citizen concealed carry is the deterrent effect it will have on many criminals.
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  • A different kind of public service announcement.
    As Americans, we have the right... and the responsibility to protect ourselves. Free men don't ask for permission to bear arms. Take responsibility for yourself and your own security and safety. Get a concealed carry permit and a reliable firearm. Get training to use your weapon safely and responsibly. The life you save, may be your own.
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  • Protectiiion from shootings.
    I'm sorry, but I did not note the best stoppage of a mad shooter or a very drugged one.... Return Fire and aum well
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  • Run, Hide, Fight?
    How about Point Gun, Shoot? Run, Hide, Fight is something an animal would do. There's a reason we evolved to have higher brain function and manufacture more efficient ways of survival. The DHS would have us devolve into scared, frantic animals if it was up to them.
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  • This is a terrible video....
    1. It appears the creators of this video are almost encouraging people to be the victim. 2. The video seems to be missing alot: Are we to assume in the video that the exits aren't booby trapped or rigged for more death? How do we recognize triggering devices? explosives? What sort of things do I look for to protect myself and those around me? what sort of objects can I use as shields to protect myself against the calibers being used by the shooter? What sort of things in office environment can I use as weapons? How do I stabilize and administer medical attention to someone that has been shot if authorities can't get to me? If the authorities were ambushed by a second shooter, and noone comes to save me, what the heck do I do? This is the sort of stuff the general public might want to know.
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