4:32 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Brains in government?
    When Nebraska implemented its CCW laws the cities got to choose whether they would allow concealed carry or not. Omaha chose not allow concealed carry and a lone gunman showed up at a shopping mall. needless to say Omaha quickly changed that oversight to allowing concealed carry in the city. Colorado has slowly become more liberal in it thinking and as usual with the governments "one size fits all" mentality it has excluded firearms in theaters, elevators and other places that makes no sense what so ever. I was also told that it is a felony to tell a cop that you carry a knife for self protection. Now it gets right into the "stupid zone".
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  • Don't Listen to the Government - Use Your Common Sense
    Yes, the "fight" part should have been elaborated upon - instead of the short, after-thought mention. The police will always be too late. The video unintentionally shows the folly of so-called gun-free zones. The sign on the door as the shooter walked in made it clear the law-abiding were disarmed. The shooter, incredibly, ignored the law! Can you believe it? He strolled right in, ignoring the sign! At least the video gets the body count about right, 4 dead with more on the way. Thanks DHS for making the NRA's argument! The DHS of course tows the Obama Administration's line: they feel so virtuous, so superior in their ethics, so long as everyone is disarmed. Otherwise, the video could have said something like: "If you are in a state that allows concealed carry and you have a gun (or are in an open-carry state and have a gun), pull your sidearm and be prepared to shoot to defend yourself and others. Aim for the body/torso and shoot until the attacker is subdued." But of course DHS prefers to emphasize the running, hiding & cowardice of a disarmed public. Victims galore if you listen to the current government.
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  • Active Shooters
    I work for the State of Nevada (DMV) and the agency required every employee to attend an, " Active Shooter Class" two months ago. The class was given by the Nevada Highway Patrol.
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  • 0:55; 13 work place killings.
    Interestingly, at 0:55, it mentions 13 work place killings....That is the Fort Hood attack, which I think we can all agree was a terrorist act, especially after finally being able to read all the reports. But hey, language matters.
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  • The new National Motto: Run and Hide
    Hey with Russia now planning a naval Base in Cuba, no one allowed to defend themselves as they sit helplessly in a dark theater being taken apart by a madman, or beaten to death while foraging for cans on Chicago streets, what could make more sense than to ahve thsi taxpayer funded add: run and hide. By the time the fight angle finally comes on, guess what; You are dead! DHS Department of Helpless Scams. I mean when I was a kid we were supposed to protect oursleves from nuclear attack by duck and cover. The outcomes here will be the same. Shame on DHS. Shame on this administration that gives in to fear and wants everyone else to as well.
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