8:34 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Dept. of Homeland Security and Houston
    I can't believe this came out of Houston. I can believe it came from the Department of Homeland Security and it's leader Airhead Napolitano. Their advice is to be like the French. If you see an agressor, GIVE UP! SURRENDER! RUN AWAY! GET IN THE FETAL POSITION UNDER SOMETHING AND SCREAM I'M SORRY, I SURRENDER! Those attitudes will make you safe for about 2 seconds. Ever hear of defending yourself? Try it once in a while. The cowards are those trying to create violence. Legally arm yourself, become informed and experienced with the weapons and then defend yourself. The government won't do it for you. They come in after it's over to get a picture taken like they really care about you and then pontificate about how this could all be solved if we took away the guns from the innocent.
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  • Homeland Securty Instructions
    Now I can see it. Big Sis is going to have Posters put up at every Movie Theater telling what to do in case of a Nut Case coming into the Theater and trying to kill everybody. Last week she told the Border Patrol to take cover and not shoot back if they are shot at. Poster should be put up that say: If you are a Nut Case and plan on trying to kill people in this Theater be WARNED!!! There are ARMED CIVILIANS IN THE THEATER WHO WILL BE MORE THAN WILLING TO BLOW YOUR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • "improvised weapons"?
    Why must we be limited to "improvised weapons"? I intend to meet violence with an actual weapon.
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  • Survive a Shooter
    Rule Number 1..RETURN FIRE
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  • What? Shooting the bastid isn't an option according to DHS!
    Maine CWP
    No surprise coming from the Holder regime.
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