8:37 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Don't hide in a corner
    The kids at Columbine who hid under desks and tables were systematically shot. I have watched the video with 911 audio. Many of the students at VA tech who took a 'duck and cover' posture in the corner wers shot. The VA shooter had practiced shooting victims on the ground. Run if you can. If you can't - fight with whatever you have - pens, staplers, books, chairs, anything. Do not assume that a madman will have mercy on you because you look helpless and scared - he is counting on that.
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  • Good video
    Good vid, we need to get this into people's heads that they can and should fight back.
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  • Shooter?
    Draw your concealed carry weapon and defend yourself. I carry a concealed weapon because a policeman is too heavy...
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  • "Common Sense" gun laws.
    Sender Green
    What do all of these mass shootings have in common? They all took place in so-called gun-free zones. Did nobody else notice the irony that when the shooter in this video passes through the front door of the office building, that there is a huge sign on the glass talking about how no weapons are allowed, blah blah blah. The shooter is probably thinking "sweet, no resistance." What does Chicago, Camden (NJ), St. Louis, Compton, LA, New York City, Detroit, etc. have in common? The strictest gun laws in the country, and (surprise surprise) the highest rates of gun violence. Jebster is correct. The only way to prevent shootings like these is for more law-abiding citizens to arm and train themselves. The best thing the DHS can do is not release dark comedy instructional videos like this, but rather to promote and advocate for citizens to exercise their constitutional rights to defend themselves against violence. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
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  • We'll just kill teh shooter
    Heads up, government parasites: in my town, we'll shoot back. Bad guy dead, problem solved. No "advice" from people who could only get government jobs necessary.
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