1:56 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • How to survive a shooting incident
    Did they mention the simplest and most direct method? Pull out your concealed carry gun and blow the f**ker away!!
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  • Shooter
    Be armed and shoot back!
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  • beat 'em
    Clearly the Mayor of Houston does not understand the people she is leading. More like, fight, run to the guys office you know is packing despite corporate policy, regret that your not that guy, and beat the turd within an inch of his life.
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    Why would Texas tell you an option is to fight back after trying to leave while also showing that the building where this "shooting" takes place prohibits those who have carry permits from having their firearms with them? The sign on the door where the shooter enters has the required notification on the door which bars permit holders from carrying concealed on the premises. If they do they may be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor per PC §30.06. TRESPASS BY HOLDER OF LICENSE TO CARRY CONCEALED HANDGUN (http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/internetforms/forms/chl-16.pdf). As permit holders are law abiding citizens they would have complied with this request, which created a gun free zone where effective defense is untenable. Skye Randall
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  • There is a quick fix to this
    The need to pass a law that any building that restricts law bidding citizens from carrying their concealed carry gun MUST install metal detectors to insure that NO ONE can carry a firearm in the building and that if anyone is injured by a firearm in the restricted building that the company restricting guns is liable for all damaged that will not be limited by any laws limiting damages... then see if the building owners want to restrict law bidding citizen from carrying.
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  • Concealed Carry
    I said from the moment I heard about it -- if there were even a couple of people armed at the time he might have killed a someone but not all that he did and we would not be paying for him to sit in prison while his defense team works out an insanity defense.
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