7:26 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    Whatever happened to the gov't hiring veterans? This should still be a priority, ANYONE who served in our military should have a job! When I was a contractor for 10 years (5 in DC), I saw plenty of redundancy. When I made suggestions to streamlining or cost saving ideas, I was told "we're not here to save money, we're here to make it". Sure am glad I am not a contractor anymore, however I do miss not working for the Navy.
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  • Headline news
    deployed decoy
    Headlines look good. But, the DoD work federal work force was about as robust as it ever has been in 2010. In the last year, 100s of feds off the work force in Europe and through BRACs in the USA. A real reduction would be to freeze levels today or before the Air Force when on a highering frenzy in April this year, after a freeze that went on forever. On Vet jobs sniff around federal job fairs. IRS for example is doing a LOT of direct Vet (disabled perferance and or a combat patch), many of those not even on USAJOBS.
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