8:14 am, May 23, 2015

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  • public vs private
    I'm not sure why gov't workers get trashed as overpaid and lazy while private sector folks are revered as sacred and golden. Three example from my personal experience in the past month: I contacted 2 companies about 2 fairly sizable purchases for home improvements. I have called one of those companies 4 times, they have never returned my call, even though the receptionist said "xxx" would call me back. They've now lost an appromimately $5000 sale. Another company sent a rep to my house, we talked about what I wanted, he took measurements, gave me a quote, and never followed up on a few simple things, like references of other customers, before I would sign a contract. I've never heard back from him, so he's missing out on approximately $6,000 worth of business. At the doctor's office the other day the receptionist was drinking a coke through a straw and decided keeping that straw in her mouth was more important than greeting me and signing me in. I called someone else over to sign me in. Straw lady didn't even look up. Please. The private sector isn't made of gold either.
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  • It's like that all over
    Marien: You're dealing with other 1 per centers, they don't have time for us unless the money is really big. Sorry to tell you, but those people had no real incentives to deal with you. Contractors have always been hit or miss, and these days are worse because they'll only take the high profit jobs. I guess the economy isn't as bad as everyone thinks. As for the doctor's office, get ready it's only going to get worse as we turn into bar coded cattle. These are not consumer friendly times and the last 4 years no one in DC has done anything to help consumers.
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  • awake?
    Jerry A.
    Contrarian said "...last 4 years no one in DC has done anything to help consumers." Contrarian, have you been awake at any time in the last 4 years? In the last 3 years, the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau legislation was passed, the agency set up, and is now running in spite of much opposition from the big banks and their purchased political property. The ACA will require that people not be dropped from policies for spurious "pre-existing conditions" (got cancer? sorry, you had hayfever 20 years ago and didn't tell us, good-bye), again in spite of much opposition from the big insurance companies and their purchased political property. Just go back to sleep for another few years, Contrarian, like Rip Van Winkle. As far as government pay and benefits being too high, we were once "comparable" to the private sector. Then CEOs decided they didn't want _their_ profits going to trivial stuff like pay and pensions for their employees. Those were cut, and cut, and cut some more. Unions were vilified. Now, corporations can put their profits where they rightfully belong, in CEO salaries and bonuses (and maybe dividends if anything is left over). CEOs now make 400 times the pay of their peasants, instead of "only" 50 times. But it's not enough. Taxes at historical lows must be cut further. Teachers, firefighters, and police, once role models, are now villains for wanting *gasp* to get paid! and *gasp* benefits promised in legal contracts. Federal employees have to get screwed as well, because we have deficits but we simply cannot raise taxes back to where they were under Reagan or under Eisenhower (prosperous times) because we might maybe possibly risk job creation. (Job creation has been stagnant and 95% of people's pay has _dropped_ ever since the last big tax cut, but we can't admit that now can we? pesky facts.) So instead of honest discussions, somehow Federal employees who don't write the laws (and tax cuts and bailouts and wars and no-negotiation drugs for Medicare part D) that determine how federal money is spent are responsible for making up the deficit we didn't create, all by ourselves.
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  • Lost post with no proof
    Jerry: You used a lot of words and gave me zero examples of what anybody in DC has done to look out for consumers. It's like all those class action lawsuit notices I get: Lawyers are getting millions while I get a check for a buck, or more typically nothing at all. It's all Orwellian now, there may be a CFPB but they're doing nothing for us consumers. Fix some of these things and I'll believe you: Clamshell packaging, Hospital fees published on their websites, less progressive tax rates, garbage fees on my auto insurance bill, repeal ACA which is full of cost increases, utility fees published on web site (especially natural gas now that we can pick providers), less tax complexity (especially with all the education hoops), Colleges that publish graduation rates with starting salaries by major (so I can talk my kids out of BS majors), the list is literally endless, but please start somewhere.
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  • Yeah, right
    It all comes down to "figures lie and liars figure". IMHO there is no comparison to many federal positions. I work for the treasury and am NOT an accountant nor auditor. But I have an effect on many things as a management/program analyst. Show me a position in the private sector that remotely resembles mine. Bet ya can't. There is no comparison. Some may think I am overpaid. They may be right - but base it on what I do, not how I compare to a non-existent private sector job. The comparison is retarded in the truest sense of the word.
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