8:05 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Theory of Relativity
    These various studies make things clear as mud. Some federal employees make more than the private sector and some make less. And come next January, due to pay freezes and higher taxes and insurance, all feds will probably be making less. Highly educated, technical employees like doctors, engineers, and scientists, etc.. probably make less working for Uncle Sam than the private sector. On the other hand, administrative employees working for the government are paid significantly more than their counterparts in the private sector. A grade 5 step 10 secretary making $40,000/year plus benefits? You don't see that in Peoria.
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  • Where's my Ferarri?
    SGT Pepper
    The Cato figure of 58% more as a Fed would have my private sector equivalent CPA with 22 years accounting experience and working in Manhattan for a salary of roughly $61,000 per year. The friends I left behind to become a Fed with the same or similar background are all earning $150,000 or more. The entry level Jr. Accountants at my old firm start at $52,000. What a bunch of hooey.
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  • More Money how figured
    As a CPA, I could make more money in the private sector. A junior partner in a regional firm may make $150,000 here in this rural area. A staff CPA with some experience will make around $84,000. (These are estimates and may not be the same for every firm in every town in a rural area) However, how many hours are they working for that pay? One new CPA told me that they billed 2300 hours a year. I work 2080 less 5 weeks vacation less 10 holidays......you get the idea. Neither side is paid over time. While a private CPA may make more money over all, I most likely make more per hour worked. It is all in how you figure it. If you want to get rich, work hard long hours in the private sector until you own the firm, or enjoy your private life and work for the Feds for less over all annual salary. Now some Feds do work a lot of unpaid hours, it just depends upon the Agency and job.
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  • Overpaid Feds
    Are Feds overpaid? No!When you factor in healthcare,pension,etc.;the answer is a simple no.When you look at the fed workforce at the professional level,some have degrees,some not.I've worked with 15s making $156k who have masters,and some with a GED.So we're mixing lots of fruit here and overall feds are appropriately paid what they're worth.If some feel they are underpaid,then leave and stop whining.
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