5:34 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Look! IG found another backlog!
    Lisa Lisa
    Here we go again, It seems IGs all over the world are uncovering backlogs! Well..DUH. Congress says to scale back hirees over what..the last 10-15 yrs? What does anyone think would happen when you scale back people in any agency? Now, I am no over paid think tank institute but my bet is on lack of staff to handle the load. IM BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! And I gave you that analysis for FREE! No think tank institutes needed! VA has backlogs, SSA has backlogs, OPM has retiree backlogs. Republicans demand smaller govt! Republican demand govt FIX IT! ya.....ok....so...again I ask, when Congress demands smaller govt. My response Congress to the backlogs: WIth less staff and higher backlogs, hows that workin for ya?
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  • Not only that,
    but you've got A LOT of unqualified affirmative-action executives in the SSA that can't even spell their own name right. That's been a major problem for years and will not change anytime soon.
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