2:39 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • recession (?)
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    We already IN a 2nd recession. We visit a lot of businesses when off work, and I can tell that they are strained. Guess what? I am a "job creator," too, even though I am middle class. Continually decreasing my pay doesn't help any business.
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  • Actual experience
    It's not so bad, at least for this CSRS retiree. I retired on June 2. Received my lump sum annual leave payment in 5 weeks. Equaled 75% of gross due. They took out 25% for federal taxes. Received first retirement check (interim) in 8 weeks. Equaled 68% of projected retirement take home pay. First paycheck takes out the same Federal tax as former regular pay but ongoing interim checks on the 1st of each month will take out less. Projected interim take home pay will equal 82% of projected retirement take home pay. The only deduction is Federal taxes and you can lower this if you choose. Health and life insurance coverage are maintained but payment of these will come from final settlement. Current backlog (48,000) divided by average claims processed (9,000) indicates final settlement with 6 months.
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  • Office of Personnel Management??
    For OPM to have a 50,000 or 60,000 backlog is a disgrace for the retiring feds. Half of the retirements should be clean. No divorce, no split service, etc. For these folks, the process should be quick and accurate. To hear real life horror stories from friends who retired in the last year or two, and who had to wait 8, 9, 10 months to get things straight is incredibly poor treatment from an agency called the Office of Personnel Management. We deserve better.
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  • Office of Personnel Management??
    Back in the early 1970's when there was a real backlog is when I started as a claims examiner of CSC. Until`9881 the average backlog was 58.000 claims (CSA, CSF, special)_until a bunch of new examiners were hired after Reagan cammed everyone for cost cutting measures. They survived and did the work and got it down to down to above 22,000 a year which was a three to four month backlog. And the reason for the backlog then as now was the agencies could or would not get their act together and do thing right. Incorrect SF 2805's which delayed special pay, wrong computation, incorrect certification of health benefits, life insurance, etc., etc. This all cost months and sometimes years to get a CSA and CSF claim processed. Watch who you blame.
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