1:30 am, May 24, 2015

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  • a fair comparision?
    One might point out that any comparision to the private sector, should be for major employers (microsoft, ibm, etc) that employ tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. These bigger companies often have benefits that are far superior to that of federal employees. Comparing feds to a small business is unrealistic and unfair. Additionally, as most feds are college grads (or higher), this discrepancy is even greater as few companies match the percentage of college grads like the fed government does. Of course the most equitable way to match salaries is by occupation. Scientists to scientist, engineer to engineer, etc. But of course, the studies put forth by these right wing "think tanks" are purposely manipulated to make feds look the worse.
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  • Civilian Companies VS Fed Gov
    Lisa Lisa
    Over the course of the last 20 yrs, companies no longer are keeping people..therefore tenure is about non-existant. Civvy companies have removed the backbone infrastructure, replaced with starving interns and keep very few long term employees. Not keeping people long term means that the long term investment is reduced. Now, to swing back to the govt. The govt keeps people. People are able to retire. Employees are able to stay long term so then you have longevity and pay raises over the course of someone in govt 20-30 yrs. Those long term govt employees who have 20 yrs in, probably do get a nice salary as compared to the person in the civy sector who only held the job for 5-10 yes before given the pink slip or were only hired part-time so that the civvy company doesnt have to pay health insurance or vacation time. You cant possibly compare because govt and civvy companes as they do not treat their employees the same.
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  • Wrong point, Lisa
    Lisa, While you are correct that a general comparison between all private sector jobs and federal government work doesn't match up because of pensions and benefits, you are really making an argument to cut these. Most of the analyses that say that federal pay is too high factor in all the costs including TSP contributions, health insurance, retirement benefits, sick leave, annual leave, etc. The people arguing to make cuts are saying cut these and make feds get the same benefits as part-time Walmart staff. I think Rick's comparison is better - - for most positions. Compare salaries and benefits at Fortune 500 companies vs federal government. I would argue that unskilled and semi-skilled workers really should be paid the same as the average but with federal work schedules and rules.
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  • Federal pay statistics ??
    So lets see .. the GAO studies 6 reports created and funded with federal dollars and concludes that the results of these reports cannot be be used for any conclusory purposes? The obvious conclusion is that the government workers who generated, designed and produced these reports are paid 100% more than those in private industry for the simple reason that data for data's sake has a very small market anywhere EXCEPT in government.
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