7:18 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • not really disabled disabled vets
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    Of course there is a terrible backlog of disability claims at the VA. Practically everyone who separates or retires from the Air Force applies. Disability ratings are handed out for the most ridiculous things, such as sleep apnea. Really? How is that service connected? Hurt your shoulder while you where playing intramural football with your squadron? Why do we owe you a disability check? I work for the Air Force and the active duty members openly discuss the best ways to get the highest disability rating and things to claim that can't be disproved. At a time when we have so many truly disabled vets who need benefits the system is being bled dry by people who are out to get whatever they can from the system, earned or not. It's time to reevaluate what a service connected disability really is and save our limited resources for the men and women who have truly earned them.
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  • Baby Boomers
    Its not just the Air Force, its almost everyone from the Baby Boomer generation. Never before has a single group stole so much from their children in the name of their own personal greed. Instead of building this country up like their parents did, they have decided to bleed this country dry with their selfishness.
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