2:35 am, May 29, 2015

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  • You dont need training every year though
    Lisa Lisa
    Its one thing to provide for needed training such as certifications licensing, keeping up with new changes in certain careers. But each year, I am forced to pull something out of my rear for training when I dont NEED training. There is a box somewhere that our agency must have to check somewhere that they have to say YES WE PROVIDE ANNUAL TRAINING. The funny thing is, I am forced to come up with some sort of training I dont need and over the last 5 yrs, have been told that it cant cost a lot..and I believe the term FREE was used. So, I look up going to expos in my area. Its FREE and a waste of my time, except I get free pencils and pens, chip clips, a few reusable bags and what-nots that vendors at these Expos give out. I do share the goodies I get with my colleagues and provide pamplets and brochures of anything remotely interesting. SO there you have it..FREE training and FREE PENS for me.
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