6:00 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • For good reason
    deployed decoy
    I would be nervous too. I see their dilemma. Do they cough up $50,000 to $100,000 to influence their continued employment should their guy win. Or rat hole away that same money to eat while they look for a lobbyist position under a new administration.
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  • The closest I ever came to a political appointee
    deployed decoy
    Was at NIFC circa 1993. He had this brilliant idea to contract out lightning detection. Four of us did this work across 13 states and distributed the information to fire dispatch offices of several agencies, Space Command, the FAA and FCC and several other federal, state and university teams - for FREE. The data and hardware costs, salary including OT and travel was around $1.5M for this network. That SES received a HUGE performance award for all he saved contracting out BLM only data for $100,000 (or something I have slept since then). The problem was and that SES was off the payroll very fast (never replaced) when the truth came out. The Forest Service was hit with a $1M (contract discount price) bill for the same data they use to get for free. All told the cost to only other federal agencies to contract Lightning data was $10M that first year...But heck think about that fat CEO someplace and a couple of employed from minimum wage nannies that came out ahead on that deal.
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  • Nobody's nervous here
    In my agency, the politicos are all still in place, no one has jumped ship for the private sector, and they seem to still have their heads. I seriously don't beleive anyone else in the top position COULD have had any better results than the slow recovery that has been underway for the past 3 years .... Eight years of terrible management at the top put us here, no one could have fixed the mess any faster..including the brain trust of McCain/Pallin. The House has sure done more to halt a speedier recovery. BTW-Actions speak volumes, and Romney's answer to everything, as demonstrated by his own choices, is to send everything out of the country ... jobs, his own money ... take over businesses, gut them, sell them, and keep all the money for himself, etc. THAT isn't going to fix unemployment here, or Wall Street. I think the current politicos are trusting America to make the only reasonable decision come November, for the White House, Congress, and America.
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  • canaries in a coal mine?
    Just me
    Seems fitting, somehow.
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