6:42 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Not surprising.
    The Vegas boondoggle was the tip of the iceberg. There will be much more to come. Riddle me this: Why does the GSA need 5 floors of class A space in the new world trade center building? Seems like its paying rent it doesn't need to.
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  • Thanks GSA ... AGAIN! (But this time you're only half bad)
    Was thrilled to read no SES bonuses at GSA for Most staff (though it should be ALL this year, like all the other agencies in the Gov't are doing because of your scandal) but now to spend $20,000 on drumsticks? Couldn't YOU get a Government rate? Didn't you shop in the GSA Advantage catalog????? Serioulsy???? While I can't see how they amassed the $34,000 for room set up (SHAME ON YOU MARRIOTT FOR RIPPING OFF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT)and $20,000 catering the Administrator's Award luncheoun for conceivably 200 people from an agency of 12,000+--I know our Administrator doesn't give out more of these top awards than that in any year because it is such and honor--The $41,000 in travel for 49 people from Divisions and Regions to come to DC to receive their award from the top man himself, is not out of whack. For many it is the first and only time they will ever have business in Washington, and they obviously did a huge thing FOR THE TAXPAYER to earn it. I mean on average $1,000 a person roundtrip to fly to DC AND spend a night from roughly 50 States? This is reasonable America. The $28,000 for picture frames -- please! If they were truly just frames, shop at GSA Advantage or Staples contract like the rest of us and get the el-cheepo grande frames made by the blind you find in Gov't offices. IF on the other hand these were Award plaques with citations and names engraved, and maybe the logo or a ribbon inset, like ours our, and again say 200+ received them, thats $205 each. This IS the biggest recognition a civilian can spend most of their career trying to earn afterall! These are not generally given out without a need for serious achievement recognition. Will we start ripping medals and ribbons off the chests of the military next? I'd be looking at Marriott anf the extreme prices they charge for this event as well. Treason comes to mind. We can't do EVERYTHING on BASE at an OFFICER'S CLUB...But boy would the hotel industry in DC hate it if all agencies did!
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  • No big surprise
    News Flash - GSA has NOT lead the government in anything other than programs that don't work, procurements that cost the tax payers money and set up the contractors to make huge profits. The fact that they are paving the way on overspending at conferences, shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Of course, you better not be an SES because they have a way to justify anything.
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  • Focus on Problems, Not Politics
    According to the latest OIG report, up to $61 Billion, probably more, was lost in Iraq due to waste, fraud, and corruption. The shame is Congress does not care. Instead, here we are playing political kabuki and pretending that grandstanding is effective management.
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  • agree
    why are there no investigations into legislative branch waste?
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  • You Mean Accountability?
    Legislative branch waste, like pork and jobs programs for self-interested Congressmen/women at the expense of the United States and the taxpayers? That will be the day...
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  • Shows that it is pervasive
    People don't care b/c it's not their money. And that's one of the main problems with government at all levels.
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