8:21 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Unstainable budget or political drama queens?
    Honest Broker
    I can see many ways our Govt spending has gotten out of control with the short sighted and greed driving it: --- 2 Wars lasting a decade including rebuilding their Governments and infrastructure with sole sourced contracts that are based on a labor based profit model instead of fixed price --- Outsourcing jobs with no thought about who's taxes probably paid for that development and who was the prime market --- Open borders with welcoming arms to illegals without any way to pay for them being here or their impact to the job market --- Rampant welfare fraud and lack of enforcement because it might cut into the kick back funds for our elected officials I understand there no longer exists moderate politicians that would do what they feel is right versus bucking party lines. Sequestration measures just demonstrate how polarized our politicians have become and they are resorting to these dramatic schemes to force negotiations and compromise. A count down provides great news for the media too, so I start to suspect the politicians like the attention and encourage all this drama. I would love to see sequestration finally force these jokers to work together, but I'm not sure its not just another Washington soap opera and they will just kick it down the road and keep their buds in sweet contracts. You gotta pay back those Super Pacs some how.
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