11:37 am, May 27, 2015

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  • NUF today
    deployed decoy
    Gold life is processed using arsenic. Caviar comes from an endangered species (White Sturgeon). $666.00 for a burger proves that the economy continues to not only improve, but that as I predict, very soon a loaf of bread will cost $3,453.99. Well for those of us that dont die eating over priced, poison laden, fish eggs in our fast food. Must be one of those 1 percenter things. What are we going to do when all those rich people die slow painful deaths and are not around to tax going forward as one answer to the fall off the fiscal cliff we are all leaning over now. Those fools. Just thinking some $1.5T answer over 10 years will fix this, makes me want to puke. The Debt is $15T today. The interest over 10 years will far exceed, the not ever really going to happen cuts those fools propose. The more I think about it all, the more I believe the ancient Inca had it right. This all comes to a head late this year just as those people with ties to the stars (not the Hollywood Democrat voting kind) predicted.
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  • Deja Vu yet again
    It crossed my mind, having not taken long to do so, that this S is comparable, nay, similar to 1995's closing down government. One side wants what they want and, for the most part, seems to have a great deal of unnecessary language for the gentry. The other side, standing fast, would seem to be the difficult child for not being obedient to the "bullying" style of politics. So, without reaching a mature agreement on what really needs to change, both in programs and resourcing, both factions are crossing their arms and waiting for the distant relatives (a.k.a voters) to help them decide. Of course "theater" is what they are best at and much vitriol will ensue. And of course, the polarization of America continues because we no longer can agree to disagree.
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  • Big Jobs, Little Minds
    The focus is over the next 10 - 20 years, new laws are needed to fix the issues, Congress's job is to pass laws and budgets. Congressional plans should focus on savings that compounds savings and provide sizable and meaningful results without driving more people into personal financial distress (this includes people receiving govt help, business owners, govt employees of all types and others). Congress has issues with doing what is right because they need votes in the next few years and that is more important to them. Small groups come to Washington with blind statements and promises that get people excited to vote but if implemented would be destructive and polarizing to our society. The larger political Parties trade in power and influence rather than strategic solutions and programs that follow moral standards. The meaning of representation has been overcome by showmanship, political maneuvering, destructive politics and self serving media exposure. With these being the best qualities of Congress imagine what else they are doing that keeps them talking and arguing without results. One simple example, Congress worked on and passed the law on healthcare, it was passed and became law with opponents planning to toss it over to the Supreme Court to kill. The Supreme Court was targeted for this job because they are not elected officials in political offices, they don't need to acquire votes to remain on the Court. Those who do need to acquire votes to stay in Congress planned to use the outcome from the Court as political capital to gain more votes. This is a win/win for Congress and a loose/loose for the Supreme Court. Hence Congress passed the law (that is what they do) and the plan worked out perfect for all political Parties, some proclaim loudly "WE DID IT", others say "the Judges are political, VOTE FOR ME WE WILL GET THEM". The Court interprets the laws that have been passed, they structure and validate what one might call the implementation strategies for society to engage. The Court did its job efficiently and effectively, Congress collectively was jealous of them delivering and defining a judgement and doing their job. Congress should take a lesson from the Court on how to deliver what your paid to do and provide the American people less hot air (we in Washington appreciated the warm winter last year and no snow, "YOU GO CONGRESS" but your killing the summer with too much hot air). Where is the best interest of the American people in this? As hospitals go bankrupt and medical schools lack incoming students enough to maintain the profession, where is the best interest of the American people in this? Those are hard questions and when Congress is asked to solve things like these, they change the focus and blame govt employees, State, Local and Federal. Trash them they think, they have jobs and go to work every day, people will hate them if we tell them they should, we will say, "government employees, they have become political, they did not solve these problems, lets all hate them". So it needs to be asked one last time, where is the best interest of the American people in this?
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  • Congress are people too
    deployed decoy
    They feel so jilted and depressed when they dont get their way or reelected. They have feelings too. They are American people, just living the dream. Or is that the illusion. Now stop picking on congress, they are only there because brainwashed lemmings fed and watered by fools, voted for fools. The Supreme Court is our only hope. The day they rule the entire Congress are domestic enemies of the state, the country will begin to recover. I just hope that ruling does not come too late to save those lemmings and everyone else.
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  • As Ben Franklin said..
    A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats. When it comes to the S-word, we are the fish.
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  • When the S hits the fan
    I think looking back over the years this all started when people complained about their kids saying the Pledge of Alligence in school. Respect and love for our country has not been taught (or shown) to the last couple of generations and it is now costing our country. When you have no respect for something you don't appreciate it nor do you do anything to make sure it stays alive. Instead of television shows about family and country as they had back in the 50's and 60's we now have REALITY shows that are an embarrassment to this country and all its citizens. Speaking of embarrassing...the fact that congress is calling the VA and OPM bad because they can't keep up with their backlog of work is unbelievable. I keep waiting for a lightbulb to go on over one of their tiny little heads when they realize that THEY haven't done their job (passing a budget in a timely fashion) for many years now. I've always loved this country and I never, ever thought I would be embarrassed to say I was from here...
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