12:33 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Got to love Ryan
    'Tell us how it's going to go down, because this seems to be your only plan.' Yes it appears that it is the only plan because the original plan was for Congress to do their job but it looks like that is not going to happen.
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  • Say what?
    David L
    The House is asking for information from the Executive for their OWN legislation? Are their memories really that short?
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  • Mmmkay.
    ""If you're not willing to replace the sequester, tell us how it's going to be implemented," Ryan said " LOL. Is this guy for real? How about y'all get off yer a55es and implement the cuts that y'all had agreed upon before the TEA effect took over and left Boehner high and dry. BTW is anyone else amused at REPUBLICANS clamoring for more government spending to protect and create jobs? A total 180 for these hypocrites when it's their corporate sponsors bottom line that going to be affected. If anyone had any doubts about the reality of the new found concern Republicans had for the debt and deficit let this issue put those to rest. "Gov. spending is bad and out of control unless it's us doing it" should be their mantra.
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  • What does the goons think
    Just plain and stup1d
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