3:05 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • President Smokes
    The President still smokes. On "Federal" property. Consessions have been made for him. Why?
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  • Fire Fighters get 25% hazard pay
    deployed decoy
    Yep being exposed to smoke, fumes and/or dust, gets federal fire fighters a 25% pay bump for every hour clocked in any 24 hour period they are exposed to these threats to human life. Even the ones that are having a smoke after they pull off the line as the sun goes down. Course in Kuwait where is has been formally documented by USG federal health officials the garbage in this blowing and drifting drit exceeds all military annual exposure, wont get any of us the same hazard pay. So how about this. Give all federal employess a 25% pay bump becuase at some point during the duty day they will be exposed to smoke from one source or another.
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  • The exemption for the White House applies to other Residence/s
    http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104203#Smoking%20in%20Federal%20Buildings "exceptions to this [smoking] ban? There are certain excepted spaces, which include: * designated smoking areas. However, effective June 19, 2009, designated smoking areas in GSA-controlled buildings will be eliminated. * residential accommodations in buildings owned, leased, rented by the federal government; * portions of federally-owned buildings leased, rented, or otherwise provided (in their entirety) to non-federal parties; and * places of employment in the private sector or in other non-federal governmental units that serve as the permanent or intermittent duty station of one or more federal employees." One could (logically) ask why with these exceptions, the push is ON to eliminate smoking areas. As a non-smoker myself, I wish for their rights (and subsequently mine) to be respected. Alas, that they're being restricted instead.
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