11:18 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Oh, Please!
    Up until 5 years ago when I retired, I worked at the IRS center in Brookhaven, NY. There were smoking and non-smoking atria and there was a minimum distance smokers had to be away from the entrances while smoking. Plus, there was no smoking permitted during fire drills. It is doubtful those restrictions have been relaxed. Ergo, you do not have to walk through a smoking atrium to get around nor do you have to walk through smoke upon entering the building. As an ex-smoker myself, but a smoker when I was there, my smoking was limited to break or lunch time. Smokers have rights too, you know...it isn't against the law. If you are so sensitive to smoke, it is easily avoided at Brookhaven....been there, done that!
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  • Smokes Save US
    deployed decoy
    Think about it. They tax the heck of this item (big money maker for bridges to Hawaii). It kills people in many cases long before they are old enough to really suck the SS much. If they just make everyone smoke 2 packs a day. we could save ourselves. Well, we would also need to exclude any health issue in Obamamcare that was remotly smoking related, like old age or blisters cause by wearing 2 left shoes.
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  • Smokers
    Actually, smokers do not have rights as smokers. I care that they smoke, but that is their business as long as I do not have to breathe it in. I should not have to go out of the way because of smokers. They should be allowed to smoke in an area that does not impose on others. if your building has this, then fine.
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  • And another few things...
    I've never seen anyone, line employees or Operation managers smoking hour after hour. As one who worked intimately with those Operation managers, as an analyst and not a direct report, I can tell you with no uncertainty that they were more often than not, at work before their tour of duty and stayed well after their tour ended. If you don't know the facts, don't talk. Comments like yours just give rise to further "Fed bashing", which is just not right. I gave 34 and a half years to IRS in three different states, at many levels including various management levels, and can say unequivocally that 99%, including line employees, are hard-working, dedicated individuals. Hopefully, you didn't write your complaint when you were supposed to be closing cases because that would put you in the 1%.
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  • Good Response
    I too am an ex-smoker and I agree with you. There are not that many smokers anymore and those that do are not easily seen. Leave them alone!
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  • where there is smoke there is smoke
    As a federal employee and a smoker, I remember having a big green (government issued) ash tray on my desk in the Pentagon. Yes, times have changed and probably for the better in this area. I do not mind leaving the building to smoke but I do resent being made to walk about 1/4 mile to a bus stop enclosure (provided for this purpose) with no shade or weather protection. I take two smoke breaks a day (as allowed by regulation, 30 min lunch and two 15 min breaks per day) and get a lot of work related communication done during this time. More often than not, we talk about on-going projects and share ideas. This is an invaluable time for communication that might not otherwise happen between SES all the way to Admin personnel. My only gripe is that some smokers don't field strip their butts and tend to be dirty in their disposal habits. I try to set the example with this. I must admit that offices smell much better since we moved outside but please, please, please promote respect for those of us that choose to smoke (especially since we are the group that has had to adjust to changing times).
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  • Smoking-Mad Employees Fume at SSA
    Last Friday, SSA employees at national headquarters in Woodlawn, MD were notified that a new Union-Management agreement was reached whereby smoking would be banned from the entire campus. This is a sprawling property, and just reaching the property line can be quite a hike - especially for those with reduced lungpower. The smokers are fuming (no pun intended) mad, and many die-hards (again - no pun intended) are protesting the big-brother treatment. I'm not a smoker, and never enjoyed running the gauntlet through the haze near the entrances, but the announcement on a Friday of an edict being implemented on the following Monday does seem a bit unreasonable. At least give the crusty-lunged a fighting chance to ease into a healthier lifestyle instead of spending their time figuring out how/when/where to get that next nicotine fix.
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  • It could be worse
    deployed decoy
    I dont smoke, I chew. If you stay out of my way, I wont spit on you. I really like Germany now. All the girls that would be in the bar smoking are out on the street corner. Makes it hard to tell who might be working, and the union is very upset the working girls are in... Then my bar just cut 3 holes in the outside walls and put a shelf in. This way a person can stand inside the bar with thir arms and head outside. Beer on the shelf, smoke in the air... To every problem, is an answer. Not the right answer as we all so painfully know.
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