12:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Hippocracy
    For the past 4 years we have listened to conservatives whine about Government overspending and complaints that all government workers are overpaid and essentially "on the dole". Priority number one has been reduce government spending because we are spending our children's inheritance. Of course, what they really wanted to cut was Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Now that actual cuts to defense spending are looming we hear a different narrative. Suddenly, cuts in government spending will cost 2 million jobs! We are facing a physical cliff! I am not surprised by the political pivot, but especially considering that conservatives did this to themselves, see "deficit ceiling fight", I am shocked that no media has called them out on it. Oh wait, that is not a surprise either.
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  • AIA Extraction
    Just Asking
    The primary goal of AIA is to guide federal dollars to its members. All of this huffing and puffing means that they are worried that the cash will go somewhere else.
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  • Unbelievable
    So Senator Shaheen's solution is to kick the can down the road for yet ANOTHER year? Wasn't the whole purpose of sequestration to force Congress to act? Yielding at this point is not only irresponsible and cowardly, but will signal to the financial markets that America is unable to solve its problems.
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  • TaxPayer's money remember?
    No I doubt most feds fail to remember just who is paying the bills. After 29 years, I sure can see a distinct attitude change and it ain't pretty. Maybe it's because I started in DoD and now find myself in a "social services" agency. I think the federal employee is due for some fear, angst, and terror myself. Close down 3 or 4 tip of the spear socialist crapholes and we can call that progress.
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