10:41 am, May 29, 2015

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  • End this madness
    deployed decoy
    In order to work on the secret satellite crypto and frequencies the military uses for everything from on duty access to Facebook to firing hellfire rockets off a drone. Only requires a DoD Secret clearance. To program a Forest Service handheld radio used on a wildfire, takes a Top Secret, Home Land Security clearance. The real kicker is a DOD TS clearance will not get a person a job in the mailroom of any HLS office. Because HLS will not recognize a DoD clearance issued by the same OPM that issues the HLS clearance. Since US Registered Mail can be used to mail the secret invasion plans into say Canada Oil Sands, or the Greek financial district, from a DoD mailroom. DoD cannot send this to HLS that would have a need to know that Facebook might be limited for a day or two, due to all the bandwidth (in many cases not classified above FOUO in DoD) needed to let the white house watch the invasion live from drones... I still want to know who briefs the SECDEF from HLS, since by default the Secretary is a security risk holding a DoD clearance.
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