2:37 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Over and over
    Path Finder
    Women train women, Men train the men,and why was it changed. HOW HARD CAN IT BE
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  • Walker
    Norman's Mother
    Female military victims of sexual assault should report the attacks to civilian law enforcement. Military males should be awarded a medal for their unique ability to harass and assault their female peers. Time and time again, going back as far as the Aberdeen Proving Ground sexual assault incidents, and recently, the Naval Academy, proves the good 'ole boys zip their mouths and circle the wagons. After Tailhook and all the subsequent incidents, I understand why military women don't trust the chain of command. Through experience, I've concluded that if one attacks a male in the workplace, the other males close ranks and launch a counterattack. They'll do it even if they can't stand their peers. We hate Bubba and Billy Bob, but because we must eat we'll put aside our differences to kill the Wooly Mammoth. We'll deal with those two after we eat. I'll bet there were several who knew what Walker and his buds in crime were doing, but their macho male code dominated. The female quoted in the article regarding her 15-year old sister was spot on. Women should avoid the military as a career. It's too great a threat to their mental and physical health.
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  • So when
    did Texas get their own Air Force. According to the headline they must have one.
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  • Uniform Code of
    Military Injustice. Just like the laws in civilian life. Rank has it's priviledges - including rape and sexual harassment.
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  • sex scandal sentencing
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    Another slap on the wrist. If Panetta really wants to change the prevailing climate these men should be dishonorably discharged. It's what they deserve.
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