8:05 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Really???
    Big Joe
    This is shocking news! Just kidding... This is a known entity for those of us that work under DHS and its various components. Want an acquisition package approved? Its takes 90-120 days, more signatures than on the Declaration of Independance, and justification after justification even though it has been part of the mission for the last 15 years. Then you have all the BPA that DHS is ramming down our throats. I have a "wigit" that I have a negotiated price of $72 per month for unlimited use. My parent component is paying around $102 for the same thing, and now DHS wants to get in the mix and the cost for me will be around $115. The response is that even though my costs go us, I'm helping to drive the overall costs down. True...but where does the additional $43 per user come from? My budget gets wacked because no one in my parent component or DHS has ANY negotiating skills. Want proof? Look at the DHS data center where no one wants to pay the criminal amount per square foot that is being demanded. HP and EDS are raping the taxpayers on this and DHS is letting this happen.....
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  • Shocked as well
    Just another worker
    When they put all these agency's together they also forgot that at least I agency I work for also has a military mission defined in the Constitution. It is also the 5th branch of the military. It can make things difficult when you have to follow both DHS and DOD rules. On one hand DHS controls your budget and you have to jump through their hoops than on the other hand you have to be interconnected with DOD because during war time (as today) you have to inter operate with with the Department of the Navy. As well as providing forward deployed units that are tasked by the Navy. I still don't see how DHS can oversee the procurement of combatlaw enforcement ships and aircraft.
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