11:54 am, May 27, 2015

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  • make federal employees accountable for there time not playing games or social media
    If you look at DHHS in Rockville you will see employees abusing the internet. doing shopping, facebook and IM other federal employees. They bring the own laptops in and while on the federal clock they are routinely doing this. Supervisor are aware and i even sent email to congressman. They get federal cell phones that are used as there home phone and teleworking they just loggin and go shopping, sleeping and other stuff. I think what should be done is what the do law firms. Make every hour accountable the software is available. The put job code and how many hours they spent and what they did research, type memos, made calls. When you working on the job code let say in word you login with job code, you can implement this on the phone you put job code in than the phone rings to person your calling. If there are meetings you put job code in on your computer and there usually a circular phone it case you have to make calls to people that are not in the building that need to hear the meeting. On this everyone logs into phone with job code and meeting. This will show accountability and the program tracks you day to day makes timesheets easier.
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